How can you save your time by using motorized curtains

As the name suggests, motorized curtains are ones that are opened and closed by a motor as opposed to by hand. The automatic curtains are frequently driven by plug-in or battery-operated motors. The only person who will be aware of the motor’s presence is the homeowner because it is concealed behind the drapes or curtain rod.

The process is automated, so there is essentially no manual labor required. Although pulling back and opening curtains isn’t a particularly taxing task, elderly homeowners and people with physical disabilities can greatly benefit from this automation.

How to choose automatic curtains?

  1. Power
    Electric and battery power are frequent sources of energy for smart curtains. Battery-operated curtains are a great solution for windows that are not close to an outlet. Many of these have rechargeable batteries, which, under normal use, ought to function for a long time between charges. The battery lasts 3 to 5 years on average.
  2. Size & weight
    The motor is heavily utilized when the curtains are wide, heavy, and long. Any motor should work for a thin, sheer curtain on a small window. Regarding the weight of the curtains and the strain they put on the motor, be realistic. even if a motor has a 20-pound weight capacity rating.
  3. Noise
    Silent-operating smart curtains will make your smart home appear much more sophisticated. A loud, struggling engine’s grinding noise doesn’t sound right in a smart home for some reason.

Benefits of Motorized curtains

  1. Security.
    A great security feature is closing the curtains, which keeps visitors from seeing what is happening inside your house. Home security can be increased by having remote control of the curtains’ opening and closing. Trying to conceal the fact that your house is empty every day while you’re away presents a challenge to maintaining home security.
  2. Convenience.
    Convenience is the automatic curtain’s most obvious advantage. You can let a battery- or electric-powered motor do the work for you rather than having to pull on curtains or manually position them. Therefore, this automation has resulted in a significant ergonomic improvement.
  3. Smart home integration.
    Our demands keep rising as smart home technology becomes more advanced. Security cameras were once considered impractical for the average person and were designed for museums and the extremely wealthy.

Top 3 Motorized curtains in 2022

  1. Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System

This model is definitely worth a curtain call because it has three channels that allow you to control three different curtains with a single remote, enabling sophisticated decorating at the touch of a button.
Additionally, it means that this model can open your curtains from the left, right, or center, giving you the most control over how they are opened.

Yoolax Motorized curtains

As suggested by the name, this smart curtain system includes a motorized track, zebra blinds, and a remote control.
The fact that this model goes above and beyond customization, with each one being made to order to precisely fit your space and style needs, is one of its most intriguing features.
Motorized curtains are one of the appliances that have lagged behind in the smart home revolution. Today, most of us use automation in some capacity. These drapes are suitable for smart homes.

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