Different Type of Curtains for best use

The types of curtains vary according to the requirements that each room needs. There are also many materials and fabrics used in the manufacture of curtains, including lace, silk, chiffon, etc., and each of these materials has different advantages and uses. Here is a list of the most prominent types of curtains:

Automation Curtains

Automatic blinds are practical: they take up little space, are beautiful, fit into any interior, they are very easy to use. The remote control unit works from one to several window designs. If you don’t want to get up early and curtain the window, just press the button.

Roller blinds equipped with an electric motor with remote control are sometimes vital. They can close and open the curtains, even if the owner is far away.This is necessary to provide the flowers with the necessary level of illumination.

Features and Benefits Automation Curtains

Roller blinds with an electric motor will look good both in a small room and in a large country house. The use of such models is especially convenient in a private house: these mechanisms allow you to program the device to control all window systems at once or individually.

Main advantages of Automation Curtains

  • permanent process. Materials and clamps wear out slowly because they are controlled by the same force;
  • Low price Installation can be done independently and saved. However, the installation cost is also low.
  • Automatic control. Using the remote control, you can set the necessary parameters – the blinds will open and close themselves at the programmed time. equipment with a multi-channel control panel;
  • Control huge blinds. Very large window openings close huge heavy curtains. To control such heavy structures you need an electric drive, since manual tuning is very tiring due to the heavy weight.
  • Mini cassette system. This type of roller blinds is specially designed for tilt and turn opening mechanisms of plastic windows;
  • Beautiful and durable material. Laminated aluminium is used in the manufacture of boxes and rails;
  • compactness; The design does not contain unnecessary parts, does not have control circuits.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout blinds let you control what’s going through the windows, whether it’s sunlight or the curious looks of the neighbors. We have a good selection of block-out roller blinds for relaxing on a summer morning and panel curtains that let you adjust the level of light.

It is already difficult to imagine modern buildings without roller blinds. The design, changing the color palette, gets better with each passing year, which is surprising. Thanks to the use of modern technology, the level of comfort in our homes increases. Perhaps in a few years the space around us will change dramatically. And the curtains are like the clothes of the “eyes” of the building – our windows will take on completely strange shapes, as they have now with blackout curtains!

blackout curtain features

Blackout roller blinds are privacy and convenience. Give the right to decide what can pass through the windows – whether it is sunlight or an inquisitive neighbor. A unique solution for windows, which allows to improve the issues of lighting, interior and comfort.
The material is called “blackout,” meaning “blackout,” because it blocks 100% of incoming light. This applies not only to black, but also to white, pink and color to anyone – they are all photoprotective.

Blackout blinds features:

  • Blackout roller blinds regulate the natural outside light entering the house.
  • cool in summer – reflective.
  • Effectively prevent drafts.
  • Warm in the winter – the extra insulation helps insulate the windows, potentially lowering your heating bill.
  • Don’t let the noise pass – outside noises become less loud.
  • Acts as a filter for external light, creating a comfortable feeling in the room.
  • Easy to install and use, making it a reliable and elegant way to control room lighting in the home.
  • The soft closure feature serves the safety of the child.
  • To improve the safety of children does not contain iron elements, and the rope is inside.

Types of blackout curtains

You can choose these types of roller blinds:

  • vertical.
  • Romanian.
  • classic.
  • Venice.
  • the wood.
  • tucked.
  • water resistant.

Where are blackout blinds used?

For those who want to combine an attractive window design with the ability to completely block out natural light, fabric blinds are the perfect solution.

It can be used in all rooms, especially in bedrooms, especially for people who have trouble sleeping during the day. Preventing the penetration of car headlights, street lights in the evening, provide full control over the lighting of the room.

Bedroom Curtains

The bedroom is one of the basic rooms in the house, the decoration of which must be chosen very carefully, as it is the private space for sleeping and getting rest after spending a long day, and the curtains play a vital role in the bedroom decor, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to it. In the following article, learn about basic tips in choosing elegant bedroom curtains.

What is the best fabric to choose bedroom curtains?

Choosing the right fabrics is the secret to having elegant and practical curtain designs, and light and embroidered fabrics have an attractive appearance, but nonetheless they are not practical enough in the bedroom. Blackout fabrics are an ideal choice for bedrooms, as they block sunlight while sleeping. Choose thick, velvety cotton fabrics.

best bedroom curtains sizes

When choosing bedroom curtains, take into account the size of the window, as well as the size and dimensions of the room. Installing a bulky curtain may cause space constraints, but if you have a large window, you will need to get wide curtains to cover the entire window. Remember that you need to add about half a meter to the total area of \u200b\u200bthe curtain to hang down the sides of the window.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are also called as modern design curtains. It has metal grommets at the top of the blinds, which give even smooth fleets a bit more volume. Instead of the regular head type, these blinds have metal grommets that are easy to install and maintain as well.

Best and Beautiful Eyelet Curtain Designs:

Here, you are provided with a few of the top 9 models of eyelet curtains, of which you can find your favorite one.

  1. Faux Silk Eyelet Curtains:

Enhance the beauty of your home with luxuriously designed cream eyelet curtains. This can be used as curtains for bedroom and living room. It provides the extra royalty and peace to keep you comfortable at all times when you need it. It’s plain and long type.

  1. Horizontal Striped Eyelet Curtains:

It’s time to change the interior design of your home in this New Year. Get this unique set of ready-made eye curtains. It’s gracefully crafted using a gold shade and printed with some striped conceptual upper border patterns.

  1. Polyester Floral Eyelet Curtains:

Decorate your sweet little home with some of the modern and added beauty of these curtains. Here, the pink eyelet curtains are for bedroom use. It’s plain polyester and has a floral border. This would definitely reach your satisfaction to bring up the charm for your bedroom.

  1. Fully Lined Beige Red Eyelet Curtains:

Get an upgrade with this unique beauty of curtains that can be used for both the living room and personal rooms as well. It is a gorgeous set of red eyelet curtains which has a gorgeous floral print design. It has a thick border on the top and all over beige red curtains.

  1. Contemporary Printed Eyelet Curtains:

Become more ethnic by giving yourself a set of white eyelet curtains as shown. It is made of polyester material and has white floral designs printed all over the body. It is long and available in different sizes as well.

  1. Geometric Patterned Eyelet Curtains:

Enhance the glory of your living space by choosing these gorgeous designer curtains. They are gray eyelet curtains that have designer type geometric patterns printed in all shades of gray, black and cream. This will be the perfect choice and curtains for your living room.

  1. Linear Eyelet Lined Curtains Drapes:

Here other gray eyelet curtains are decorated with a linear stem designs printed on it. This is similar to a charcoal shade but shiny in appearance and therefore will match any color of all theme based interiors.

  1. Silver Eyelet Velvet Curtains:

Come to choose the silver eyelet curtains to give your home an exquisite and exquisite beauty. This curtain has silver glitter pattern decorated on the upper border. The whole body is plain and made of velvet material. It will definitely add charm to your TV room.

  1. Jacquard Lined Eyelet Curtains:

Add magic to your favorite rooms by not making any mistakes in choosing this type of combination. This is for windows and is of short length. Blue eyelet curtains are the perfect choice for your children’s rooms. They have a small floral design printed in their fabric and accentuate the pink polka dot border.
You have many varieties to choose from these eyelet curtains. Most shades are highlighted here. In addition, you can also use yellow, peach, lavender and light green eyelet curtains. There are also options in choosing the desired selection of materials. It is up to you where you can decide the option to select eyelet blinds for a frame, a door, or just for the section.

Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are included in the list of modern curtain designs, as they fit with modern decor styles, as they add a lively and modern touch to the place. Linen curtains allow light and air to pass through, so they are often used in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Linen fabric needs great care when washing, and effort when ironing for a lot

Advantages of linen curtains

The positive qualities of modern linen clothes are its softness, elasticity and tenderness. The opinion that the matter is rough and inelastic is wrong. Even in ancient times, noble Egyptians wore linen clothes, because it was comfortable and warm.
The obvious advantages of the fabric – linen does not trap air, the material is durable, hypoallergenic has a service life of several years. Perfection is maintained even after many washes.
Linen fabrics retain the sun’s heat in the summer and give firm heat in the winter. It is believed by many that the sum of harmful bacteria in the air is reduced in rooms with natural curtains This medicinal property of flax was given to him by nature.
To correct the situation with strong wrinkles of linen curtains, you can, if the material is still wet to the iron, then hang on the window. If the curtains are left folded, they form folds again.

Linen selection criteria

Fake natural linen can be distinguished by the following features.

  • Even though. Linen – a matte fabric, it will never shine and shine in the sun.
  • burn. Synthetic thread is melted and wrapped in resin. The natural thread will be ashes scattered
  • The color. Natural linen is almost white
  • Energy. Linen threads are not torn.
  • wrinkle; A piece of linen, clenched into a fist, will not be the same without ironing.

Living Room Curtains

Living room curtains is one of the most important decorations that the housewife is keen to choose carefully and accurately, as it gives an aesthetic form, which is what every woman is interested in obtaining in that period and with the approaching Eid al-Fitr, immediately after starting to clean the houses and change some of the basic interior design decorations. In the house, especially the living room, which is decorated and prepared to receive guests, if you are looking for distinctive forms of curtains, you will find them in the lines of this article.

Modern curtains for the living room

When choosing curtains for living rooms, you should pay close attention to the need for the model to match the style of the room, whether it is classic or modern, and the following is a group of the most beautiful designs that can be chosen:
Blue curtains: This design is based on the modern style, as it includes two elegantly decorated blue curtains, and the other in white, executed with chiffon fabric, resulting in an aesthetic form, especially when relying on a gray sofa.
Beige curtains: a classic design that can be relied on in the living room, it is composed of two layers of white cotton, the other being divided into two parts with top rings in dark beige.
Oil Color Curtains: Have you ever thought of relying on oil color as the main decoration for your living room curtains? If you haven’t tried it, now is the time, especially if you have beige sofas with colorful pillows, the final look of the room will be great.
Turquoise curtains: You may be surprised by this choice, but it is very ideal when looking for modern models with the selection of some distinctive decorations, such as a different painting on one of the walls or a high-legged sofa, and so on.
Patterned Curtains: A wonderful design entirely based on patterned curtains as the main decor with others executed in white chiffon and others in multi-tone gray.

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